Informational Links

California Pro Life: Information of life issues & legislation.

40 Days for Life: A yearly prayer vigil to stop abortion.

Heritage House: Sells Pro life items.

Juan Diego Womens' Center: Phone (408) 251-0900 - Helps women in crisis pregnancy.

Life News: Pro life and pro family news.

National Right to Life: Information on pro life/ pro family legislation.

Natural Family Planning: Family planning without contraception.

2. Billings Method for Natural Family Planning (American Website): Information on Natural Family Planning.

3. Creighton Method for Natural Family Planning: Information on Natural Family Planning.

4. Couple to Couple League Int'l.: Sympto-Thermal NFP Method/Info on home study course & classes.

5. Northwest Family Services: Sympto-Thermal Method info.

Rachel's Vineyard: Help for post-abortive women and men.

Silent No More: Post-abortive women speak out on abortion.

Walk for Life - West Coast: Information on the Walk for Life.
Real Options - Pregnancy Medical Clinics
Gabriel Project - Pregnancy Help



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